Why the office tea break is still a crucial part of the working day.

office tea break

No working day would be complete without the trusted tea break. This moment of relaxation brings colleagues together, recharges our batteries, and improves motivation and creativity. 

Refreshment Shop, the online wholesale refreshment supplier, explores the culture of the office tea break and closer analyses the benefits of taking a tea break throughout the day.


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Enhance your coffee delivery with supplies including paper cups and more.

paper cups

Coffee delivery in the hospitality industry is a very big deal. Over 100 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK with hospitality seeing the highest demand.

Owing to modern coffee culture, customers expect a certain standard of quality in order to forge a positive impression of your business. Whilst your equipment and beans are important, don’t forget the value of additional supplies including your paper cups.


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Is your staff room meeting the requirements of your team?

staff room

In 2019, just before the Coronavirus pandemic, it was discovered that 40% of workers weren’t happy with their staff room at work. With fresh demands for the workplace now appearing all the time, are you giving employee wellness the respect it deserves by providing a suitable location for rest, recovery, and collaboration?


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How a coffee break can encourage and develop workplace friendships.

workplace friendships

Coffee has always been an important part of anyone’s working day, though it is now having a bigger influence than ever on employee happiness. And with workplace friendships also key to that happiness, employers may find value in combining the two in order to upgrade company culture and boost wellness. 

Refreshment Shop explores further.


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Why Refreshment Shop is a great choice for hospitality businesses all over the UK.

hospitality businesses

Refreshment Shop has always been popular with hospitality businesses. There are so many benefits of purchasing your refreshment supplies online, whether you have a coffee shop, bar, or hair and beauty salon.

Here is why hospitality businesses in the UK will benefit from shopping online with us.


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Upgrade your coffee culture in the workplace, hospitality and more.

coffee culture

Coffee has the power to energise us, motivate us and connect us. Our love affair began over 500 years ago with the first ever coffee shop in the UK, but now coffee culture is spreading to other environments. And it’s spreading fast.

Across hospitality and workplaces, staff, customers, your guests are now demanding better coffee. Learn how Refreshment Shop can help you upgrade your coffee culture to meet this demand.


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Maximise convenience in 2022 and order your hospitality supplies online!

hospitality supplies

With a new year comes new opportunity. Your hospitality business is under increasing pressure from customers and guests, so ease the pressure and order your hospitality supplies online.

Refreshment Shop is a wholesale provider of refreshment supplies, from luxury single-serve biscuits to premium coffee beans. We maximise convenience with online ordering, leaving you to get on with what’s important.


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Three tips to prepare your hospitality business for the festive period.


Hospitality may never face greater pressure than the festive period. Hotels are busy with people visiting friends and family, and cafes, bars, restaurants, and more are flooded with customers enjoying their break.

Proud to serve the hospitality industry, Refreshment Shop offers five tips to prepare your hospitality business for the festive period to make sure you deliver a quality customer experience.


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Boost customer retention in the hair and beauty industry with these affordable tea and coffee machines.

hair and beauty industry

Generating billions for the UK economy each year, hair and beauty is one of our most valuable industries. Like all industries, however, it is slowly finding its feet again in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. With the affordable K-Fee pod and capsule tea and coffee machines that are new to Refreshment Shop, you can help boost customer retention with luxury beverages that won’t break the bank. READ MORE

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Pod and capsule coffee machines go luxury with K-Fee.

pod and capsule coffee machines online

Refreshment Shop is delighted to announce that we have added a collection of K-Fee pod and capsule coffee machines to our range. Ideal for homes but perfect for a huge range of additional environments, K-Fee pod and capsule coffee machines add a dash of luxury to long-standing convenience.

Available with their own exclusive drinks pod and capsules.


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