Grab a bargain with wholesale discounts at Refreshment Shop!

Refreshment Shop now offers wholesale discounts on a variety of products!

Refreshment Shop is a trusted supplier of quality wholesale refreshments, equipment and supplies. We have been a top choice for over a decade, serving homes and businesses with competitive prices, safe, speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

With our new, dedicated page filled wholesale discounts, we’ve provided even more reason to shop with us. Everything from hot drinks to COVID supplies are available here, with discounts of up to 70%! As more products become available, they’ll be listed, so remember to keep checking back.

Get the “lowdown” on some of the items you may be able to find. 

Lyons Coffee Bags

Lyons coffee bags are a popular choice at Refreshment Shop. And for good reason. Around 95 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in the UK, but with busier lives we’re all looking for a quicker and more convenient way to enjoy our coffee. Lyons coffee bags provide just that.

Available in four enticing varieties, these coffee bags are a great alternative to coffee jars. We’ve all been enjoying tea bags for years, so why wouldn’t we take our coffee the same way? Because coffee bags are single serve, it reduces mess and is a much more hygienic way to experience freshly ground coffee.

Visit the website now to find tempting wholesale discounts on a delicious new way to enjoy a cup of coffee.

In-Cup Beverages

Like coffee bags, in-cup beverages are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a speedy, no-nonsense way to enjoy delicious hot drinks.

Refreshment Shop supplies a variety of in-cup beverages including tea, coffee and hot chocolate from all the big brands you know and love. Just add hot water for a welcome break any time. And because they are sealed, you can carry them with you almost anywhere!

In-cup beverages are just one type of product where enticing wholesale discounts can be enjoyed on the new sale page at Refreshment Shop.


Our tasty array of biscuits are a top seller, so we anticipate even more demand when we say you can now grab tempting bargains on much of our selection!

The vast majority of our biscuit range are single serve, so they are especially popular with the catering and hospitality industries whereby businesses welcome visitors by placing them on reception desks or in their showrooms. However, they are also a great choice if you’re shopping for the home!

Just some of the wholesale discounts we have on biscuits include the luxurious Walkers biscuits, including mouth-watering Belgian Chocolate and Chocolate Chip varieties. We also have discounts on Lotus Biscoff biscuits, a top choice indeed.

The only thing better than wholesale biscuits is wholesale discounts on biscuits, so shop today!

Other wholesale discounts available.

You can also pickup enticing wholesale discounts on paper cups, face masks and vending equipment, so the offers just keep on coming.

Refreshment Shop’s already competitive prices on a variety of wholesale refreshments, equipment and supplies makes us a popular choice, so we don’t anticipate these special offers hanging around for long.

Whether you’re shopping for the home or workplace, make sure you bookmark our webpage and keep checking back for sale items that are too good to turn down!

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