Grab Twirl Orange at wholesale prices at Refreshment Shop!

Twirl Orange is now in Refreshment Shop!

After the intense popularity for our beloved Twirl Orange, Refreshment Shop simply had to bring them back! This is especially exciting news for all the chocolate lovers out there. Read on to find out how and how you can pre-order these heavenly Cadbury bars. Don’t miss out!

How to get your hands on new Twirl Orange!

Considering the Twirl is a limited-edition bar, it would be a luxury to have in your hands so why not get ahead of the game and check out our online shop?

Twirl Orange can be pre-ordered online through our Refreshment Shop. Best of all, you can enjoy Orange Twirl at wholesale prices; grab 48 bars for just £27.18.

Please do not hesitate to contact us online with any questions you may have and be sure to let us know your feedback on the orange Twirl! Get yours while you still can!

What’s the craze about the chocolate Twirl Orange?

This chocolatey treat has been a talking point for everyone since last year.

The obsession with the product led fans to think that it didn’t exist because of how popular it is in supermarkets and corner shops. And to top it off, did you know that more than 5000 people were put into a virtual queue on Twitter with the hashtag; #TwirlOrangePreSale? This then started to trend throughout the whole of the UK!

This two-finger bar of deliciousness is perfect for those looking to indulge, so make sure you pre-order now to avoid any queues! The mix of orangey, soft tones will provide your taste buds with all the flavour you need to lift your morale, whether you’re at work, on the go or at home relaxing. Making the orange Twirl a great choice regardless of the day and time.

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