Three tips to prepare your hospitality business for the festive period.


Hospitality may never face greater pressure than the festive period. Hotels are busy with people visiting friends and family, and cafes, bars, restaurants, and more are flooded with customers enjoying their break.

Proud to serve the hospitality industry, Refreshment Shop offers five tips to prepare your hospitality business for the festive period to make sure you deliver a quality customer experience.

Stock up on your supplies.

Refreshment Shop is a one-stop shop for wholesale refreshments and supplies. These include tea bags, coffee beans, single-serve luxury biscuits and much more besides.

Even throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we have never had our stock emptied thanks to forward planning, which means we have everything you need for your guests and customers.

It’s easy to order everything online with speedy delivery ready for the festive period. And be sure to keep checking back for any offers and promotions.

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Entice custom with special offers and promotions.

Nothing grabs attention like a special offer or promotion. You can help make your hospitality establishment stand out from the crowd and maximise your turnover over the festive period.

Remember what your unique selling point is, too. Throw your time and investment into ensuring customers and guests choose you over the competition, such as gourmet coffee equipment or spacious hotel rooms. It could even be something as seemingly minor as quiz nights.

With our range of wholesale refreshments just one click away at great value, we can also help you offer more.

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Be flexible with restrictions.

You don’t need us to tell you that Covid-19 is a changing situation. The UK Government have recently introduced new restrictions in the wake of the Omicron variant, and hospitality needs to brace itself for future developments.

It is with sadness that it is this industry that has probably been hit the hardest since March 2020. It is worth staying prepared for every eventuality whilst also trying to maximise your guests experience.

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