The benefits of single-serve refreshments for the home and workplace.

Single-serve refreshments from Refreshment Shop.

Single-serve refreshments continue to grow in popularity, owing to a change in demand from so many consumers for the home, workplace and hospitality industry.

Single-serve refreshments such as tea, coffee and biscuits enable us to stock up on our favourite products and enjoy them on-the-go. Refreshment Shop is a wholesale supplier of single-serve refreshments, so here are all the benefits.

Single-serve refreshments are convenient.

Arguably the most valuable benefit of single-serve refreshments for the modern-day consumer is the convenience.

We all lead busy lifestyles, even when we finish work and get home, and as much as we’d like to, we don’t always have the time to relax with our favourite refreshments.

Single-serve refreshments can be taken on-the-go, stored in a backpack or bag. Single-serve biscuits can be enjoyed wherever, whilst single-serve hot drinks such as coffee bags just need adding to hot water.

The packaging of these individual items also results in a product that is less messy.

Single-Serve refreshments such as biscuits are massively convenient to the modern consumer.


Single-serve packaging has revolutionised the ability to maintain freshness and ultimately deliver higher-quality refreshments.

A packet of biscuits may run the risk of going stale if someone has forgotten to fold over the top, likewise with coffee if a person hasn’t sealed the lid properly.

Single-serve refreshments are securely contained in sealed packaging, only opened when being consumed.

Single-serve refreshments are cost-effective.

If you’re buying for your hospitality environment and know that you get an average of 250 customers every day, then you know exactly how many refreshments you need to order.

Single-serve refreshments make this easy for obvious reasons, though it’s something that’s not as easy with shared items such as coffee jars or tins. It can be hard to know exactly what you need, and then you have the waste issue mentioned above.

With single-serve refreshments you know exactly how far your money is going.

Single-serve refreshments, like our best selling coffee bags, are cost-effective for your home and workplace.


In the modern world, hygiene is more important than ever. Consumers are becoming more aware of shared touch points, trying to reduce them where possible.

Single-serve products including tea bags, biscuits and coffee bags are sealed for freshness and only the person consuming the item will touch the actual product inside.

This provides welcome peace of mind for workplaces with a high volume of staff, or for hospitality environments with customers.

Dietary Awareness.

Another demand from the modern world is knowing exactly what we are consuming.

In the case of tea and coffee, consumers want to know how much caffeine they are consuming as so not to go over their limit. Meanwhile, single-serve biscuits are a great way to resist temptation to overindulge.

Single-serve refreshments make it easy to keep on top of nutritional and dietary information.

Single-serve refreshments are a great way to control what you are consuming.

Single-serve refreshments create the right impression.

Particularly important for the hospitality industry but equally important for the workplace is making the right impression on customers, clients, and visitors.

A study from Border Biscuits, whose delicious products we supply through Refreshment Shop, found that single-serve complimentary biscuits are a great way to add value to hotels and other similar environments.

88% of British consumers say they directly link the quality of the biscuit offer to the quality of the establishment.

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