Tea vs coffee. How these two popular hot beverages compare.

tea vs coffee

Whether we prefer tea or coffee, the fact remains that we can’t do without either of them. Both are a crucial part of both our working and personal lives.

With over 100m cups consumed every day, tea still has the edge for popularity here in the UK. Coffee is not far behind with 95 million. Refreshment Shop takes a look at other comparisons between the two as we bring you the tea vs coffee debate.

Buckle up! 

Tea vs coffee: Caffeine content.

There is sometimes negatively publicity surrounding caffeine, the most studied stimulant in the world. Despite so, its uplifting qualities are very much desired, particularly in the morning and when we’re at work. In moderation, caffeine intake can also decrease our risk of certain diseases.

Whilst coffee wins this round, it’s not quite as obvious as you think. Tea leaves actually contain 3.5% caffeine to a coffee beans’ 2.2%, but the coffee brewing process uses hotter water which extracts more of that caffeine. Therefore, one cup (237ml) of brewed coffee generally has more caffeine than the same cup of tea.


Antioxidants help protect your body against damage, which could help prevent certain diseases. Both tea and coffee are rich in antioxidants, which is what provides both beverages with their health-promoting properties. Polyphenols are the most common antioxidant in tea and coffee, to which there are plenty.

tea vs coffee antioxidants

For example, black tea features theaflavins and thearubigins. Early indications suggest these may be helpful in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, though more research is needed. Coffee, meanwhile, is high in flavonoids. These also help fight gastrointestinal problems.

Polyphenols can also help reduce the chance of heart disease. In this tea vs coffee argument, it’s a draw.

Tea vs coffee: weight loss. 

We’ll be honest from the start, here. Both tea and coffee could help promote weight loss with their natural properties, though more research is needed.

The added caffeine in coffee may increase the number of calories burned by up to 13% and maintain this effect for up to 3 hours. That equates to an extra 79-150 calories burned. Coffee has also been associated with fat-burning properties by inhibiting the production of fat cells.

Tea could also be a good choice thanks to the theaflavin it contains. Studies show that these inhibit pancreatic lipase, an enzyme that plays a key role in fat metabolism.


Nowadays, you have lots of choice when it comes to your coffee. How you take yours is almost as unique to you as your fingerprint, but generally there are so many options on your drink’s menu. These include Espresso, Latte and Flat White.

tea vs coffee choice

Tea also has a wide choice, though perhaps not quite as varied. For those that are sensitive to caffeine, you can explore herbal and fruit tea in additional to caffeine-free tea and coffee options. We’ll let you in a secret, herbal and fruit tea aren’t actually tea, but they do contain a lot of benefits of their own.

Tea vs coffee from Refreshment Shop.

Here at Refreshment Shop, West Midlands wholesalers, we love both tea and coffee, but we know everyone has their preference.

Whatever you enjoy most, we have an enticing range of tea and coffee products. From our coffee beans that are perfect for office and barista coffee machines to single serve tea bags and coffee, shop the range and see what you can find.

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