Refreshment Shop is a trusted online wholesale business covering the entire UK.

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Refreshment Shop is located in Walsall of the West Midlands and supplies wholesale refreshments and supplies to businesses and homes nationwide. Our online wholesale business is a branch division of the experienced vending machine firm Coinadrink Limited, and we are a popular choice for the hospitality industry or for anyone that wants to manage their own refreshments.

How we can help your business or home.

Some businesses have no need or desire to use an external company to provide and manage their on-site refreshments. Homes certainly don’t. Instead, they prefer to purchase their own products to offer and enjoy themselves. This usually includes instant coffee and tea bags.

Refreshment Shop conforms to this demand. We are an online wholesale business with a warehouse loaded with all the refreshments you crave; from the big brands you trust. Our single-serve biscuits are especially popular, though look on our website and you’ll be surprised at the sheer scale of our menu.

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We also offer refreshment supplies including coffee cups, drinks trays and even equipment such as coffee machines and water boilers. We offer great value, wholesale prices on all our products and supplies, with excellent customer service.


What industries and environments do we cater to?

Maybe it is down to the single-serve convenience and luxurious nature of our products, but Refreshment Shop has always been a popular choice with hospitality businesses. These include coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants.

In truth, however, there is no limit to the industries we can help and the environments we serve. Smaller businesses may enjoy the cost-effective nature of managing their own stock of tea and coffee, whilst homes also approached us throughout the pandemic when online wholesale proved attractive. Indeed, many of them still do.

The convenience of online wholesale.

Sure, you could visit the supermarket or convenience store to get everything you need. But the primary advantage of online wholesale is the convenience of being able to do it all online from the convenience of your desk or chair.

We have recently adapted our website to make navigation even easier than before, so you can browse our huge product range quicker than ever. In need of some tea bags for your workplace? Check. Want some biscuits to place on your reception for clients and visitors? Check. Hosting a party or event in your workplace? We have everything you need.

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We are a branch division of the experienced vending firm Coinadrink Limited. And our customer service promises run parallel. We have a dedicated team who specially pick your orders and we are always on hand over the phone, live chat, or email if you need assistance.

Our online wholesale business offers free nationwide delivery on orders over £75 and under 20KG in weight.


Choose online wholesale next time you need to stock up.

Refreshment Shop introduces an alternative solution to stocking up on your tea, coffee, or other refreshment supplies.

Online wholesale is a great way to quickly order everything you need at great prices before you sit back and get on with your day, safe in the knowledge that we are taking control of your order.

Visit Refreshment Shop today to see what you can find.

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