Refreshment Shop is a trusted biscuit wholesaler covering the entire UK.

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Biscuits are consumed on over 6 billion occasions every year in the UK. No other country in the world enjoys a biscuit more than Great Britain, so you’ll be pleased to know that Refreshment Shop is a trusted biscuit wholesaler than delivers to the entire UK!

Biscuit wholesaler for hospitality.

Refreshment Shop is an online biscuit wholesaler that is especially popular with the catering and hospitality industry. These include locations such as cafes, hotels, coffee shops and more.

Studies show that providing luxury single-serve biscuits in this sector can significantly boost the impression you leave on customers. Only recently did we share an article from Border Biscuits that unveiled 88% of British consumers link the quality of biscuits to the quality of the establishment.

Refreshment Shop is a biscuit wholesaler that makes it easy to order what you need. We offer big brands including Border, Meredith and Drew and Café Bronte. We also provide common favourites such as Custard Creams and Bourbons.

A cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit go together hand in hand. Shop wholesale biscuits for your hospitality business today.

Biscuit wholesaler hospitality.

Shop for your office and more.

It’s not just the hospitality sector that sees a demand for luxury biscuits. Tea and coffee breaks are a key part of any working day in offices, workshops and more. Refreshment Shop is also a biscuit wholesaler for these environments.

All our wholesale biscuits are single serve, which is ideal in larger workplaces. Single-serve products reduce and eliminate shared touch points and introduce greater peace of mind to your workplace.

Boardrooms and showrooms can also benefit from Refreshment Shop, the biscuit wholesaler. According to a report from Real Business that surveyed business workers across the whole of the UK, 25% revealed they are more likely to close a meeting if there are complimentary biscuits on offer. This is probably due to the professional impression they help to generate.

Refreshment Shop is a trusted biscuit wholesaler that delivers to offices throughout the entire UK.

Biscuit wholesaler offices.

Biscuit wholesaler for the home.

You will start to notice a trend here, but the home market is also a big buyer of biscuits. 27 million UK households purchase them every single year, with 2020 being a bumper year due to the lockdown.

Refreshment Shop helped keep households happy with our range of wholesale biscuits, delivered to your door quickly and safely. A fun fact for you is that Norwich is the location that munches through the most biscuits, but Refreshment Shop is a biscuit wholesaler that delivers across the entire country.

Shop wholesale biscuits today at great prices and speedy delivery.

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Why choose Refreshment Shop as your biscuit wholesaler?

Refreshment Shop has been providing wholesale biscuits since 2007. We are the online division of Coinadrink Limited, the vending machine company.

Lots of Coinadrink customers use us to purchase their vending supplies such as coffee beans, coffee cups and water cooler equipment, but we have an additional flow of happy customers who turn to us as their biscuit wholesaler.

Shop our range today and see what you can find.


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