Our newly sourced Café Casa wholesale coffee beans are here!

Newly sourced Cafe Casa wholesale coffee beans are available to order.

Café Casa is Coinadrink Limited’s own premium coffee label, sold through Refreshment Shop. Café Casa wholesale coffee beans have been a popular choice with the catering and hospitality industry for years and are also a great choice for hot drinks vending machines and tabletop office coffee machines.

A short while ago we announced that Café Casa was undergoing an exciting rebrand that will push our coffee label into new territory. Territory that will see it deliver a more expansive coffee shop experience to a wider range of sectors. And now, we can proudly reveal that our newly sourced coffee beans have arrived and are available now, set to play a key role in this enticing rebrand.

Cafe Casa wholesale coffee beans.

There was nothing wrong with our old Café Casa wholesale coffee beans, and they are still available to buy on Refreshment Shop at a special price. But a change is always welcomed, and with our new Café Casa coffee beans we have explored a new source that delivers even more of a premium experience.

Our tasteful Café Casa coffee combines rich Arabica and Robusta beans, creating an irresistible Finca Blend in every cup. This makes them perfect for anybody who has even the slightest passion for coffee, whether that be from the coffee shop or your espresso coffee machine at home.

Here in the UK, we have developed a coffee culture that just continues to grow. And now there is greater demand for the taste of the coffee shop at work, with 81% of office workers in a recent study wanting access to higher quality hot drinks on site. So, when the demand for luxury coffee is this clear, nobody should be priced out.

Housed within our beautifully designed packaging that really catches the eye, Café Casa hasn’t lost its belief that premium coffee shouldn’t be expensive. Newly sourced Café Casa coffee beans are still excellent value, with 1KG bags available on Refreshment Shop for just £7.77. Or you can buy in wholesale bulk for enticing discounts.

These beans are a great accompaniment with the premium vending solutions that Coinadrink offer. Whether you are looking for a compact tabletop machine or a modern floor standing model, we have you covered. And with the growing trend of speciality drinks on the rise, our coffee machines cater for all!

There’s more to Café Casa than meets the eye.

We mentioned that our new wholesale coffee beans will form part of a rebrand that will deliver the professional coffee shop experience wherever you are.

The coffee shop experience involves more than just the coffee beans. And soon enough Café Casa will be adding more to its menu, with professionally branded crockery, sundries and more.

Luxury coffee is needed now more than ever due to the dark mornings and cold weather! Office coffee machines, home coffee machines and even retail can benefit from our bold coffee blend, so experience Café Casa today.

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