Lyons Coffee Bags: Freshly ground coffee in the hygienic convenience of a bag!

Lyons Coffee bags introduce a revolutionary new way to enjoy freshly ground coffee.

The last 12 months have seen us all change the way we live our lives. Lyons coffee bags adapt well to this lifestyle change, providing freshly ground coffee in the hygienic convenience of a tea-like bag.

Available through Refreshment Shop in four enticing varieties to suit all tastes, Lyons coffee bags introduce an innovative new way to get your coffee fix.

So, what is it that makes Lyons coffee bags the number one choice for coffee lovers?


You’ve been using tea bags to enjoy a brew for over a century, so why not bring this level of convenience to your coffee break?

Lyons coffee bags delicately package freshly ground coffee into a tea-like bag. And just like a tea bag, simply envelope the bag in boiling water for as long as you want before enjoying.

Lyons Coffee bags maximise convenience.

Coffee bags are great for the home or workplace. Why not place them on your reception desk or in your showroom to welcome your visitors onto your premises?

However, the convenience makes Lyons coffee bags equally fantastic for those on-the-go. Simply throw a couple into your bag and take them to a meeting with a client.


There’s no getting around the fact that Covid-19 has shined a strong light on hygiene over the last 12 months. How are you maximising this in your environment?

Single-serve refreshments such as Lyons coffee bags minimise shared touch points and help you stay protected. Once the coffee bag is packaged, it is protected from the outside world. This means that the customer is guaranteed of a safe coffee experience unlike what a shared coffee jar or tin would provide.

And even if you’re in the comfort of your own home, Lyons coffee bags help deliver added peace of mind.

Mess-free. Hassle-free.

Lyons coffee bags are housed in a stylish pre-packaged design. The end user is simply required to tear the packaging before placing the coffee bag into boiling water.

And because the ground coffee is meticulously enrobed in the bag, it guarantees absolutely no mess when you transfer it from the packet to the mug. Unlike using a coffee jar or tin, you won’t have to worry about spilling it over the countertop.

Lyons Coffee bags maximise hygiene.

Not only is this more hygienic, it’s also completely hassle-free. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is throwing the packet away, which brings us on to the next benefit.


The modern world is quite rightly placing a growing emphasis on sustainability. Lyons coffee bags adhere to those demands and are fully compostable.

Where local recycling allows, the sachet and coffee bag can go straight into your food recycling or green waste bin and the outer cardboard box can be recycled for those who prefer to bulk buy at wholesale prices for their business.

This means you can enjoy luxury coffee knowing that you are helping to do your bit for the planet.

Did we mention freshly ground coffee?

For all the added advantages of Lyons coffee bags, arguably the greatest benefit to the end user is being able to enjoy truly freshly ground coffee.

Lyons Coffee bags deliver freshly ground coffee in four enticing varieties.

Lyons coffee bags arrive in four delicious varieties to suit all tastes, from decaf right through to a rich, dark blend that will provide the fuel you need to stay productive. Lyons have had decades of experience in making premium coffee and have gifted these coffee bags with all of that know-how.

Now is a great time to try something new, so why not order your Lyons coffee bags through Refreshment Shop at great prices?

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