Enhance your coffee delivery with supplies including paper cups and more.

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Coffee delivery in the hospitality industry is a very big deal. Over 100 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK with hospitality seeing the highest demand.

Owing to modern coffee culture, customers expect a certain standard of quality in order to forge a positive impression of your business. Whilst your equipment and beans are important, don’t forget the value of additional supplies including your paper cups.

Coffee delivery in hospitality.

The national average for coffee consumption here in the UK is 2 cups per day, but in hospitality this rises far above average with 3.5 cups.

Coffee delivery is present across a variety of environments in the hospitality industry. These include bars, restaurants, and hotels, with the latter needing to meet demand both front-of-house in addition to “behind the scenes” in hotel rooms.

Such strong demand means there is little room for error across the hospitality industry. Running low on supplies such as milk and sugar ancillaries and paper cups threatens customer retention to say the least.

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Paper cups and more from Refreshment Shop.

Refreshment Shop is a trusted wholesale supplier of coffee equipment, coffee beans, coffee supplies and so much more.

Being a branch division of the respected vending machine company Coinadrink Limited, we understand the value of a coffee break. That’s why we represent a one-stop shop for everything you might need, even as far as paper cups to serve.

It comes to something when our paper cups are some of our best sellers, distributing to a spade of hospitality businesses and more across the entirety of the UK.

We supply 7oz paper cups all the way to 12oz and bigger, meaning we can meet all sorts of demand. We also supply the paper cup lids.

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