Encouraging a safer workplace with single-serve refreshments.

Refreshment Shop can help put your mind at ease with quality single-serve refreshments.

During this uncertain time, staff may be worried about hygiene standards at work. Refreshment Shop is a trusted wholesale supplier of high-quality single-serve ingredients, which can help deliver peace of mind during the Covid-19 pandemic. Single-serve ingredients include tea bags, coffee bags and biscuits, though they also entail sundries such as milk pots and sugar sticks. Staff can enjoy the products required in order to obtain the best out of their working day.

Why do single-serve refreshments matter in a time like this?

These type of refreshments are extremely common because they enable consumers can have the best drinks experience in an instant. This then helps to improve morale and create a more positive working environment. As hygiene takes centre stage, government guidelines have stated that single portions should be encouraged. And Refreshment Shop is here to help!

By using sachet/portioned refreshments, we can prevent the spread of Covid-19 as well as make the workplace a safer, more comfortable environment for staff. Ensure that you and your peers are safe by using premium, disposable and pre portioned ingredients. This is a more effective approach towards limiting the risk of spreading the virus.

There would also be a reduce in waste when using pre portioned ingredients as it allows precisely measured amounts of the product to be used – rather than excesses, creating the perfect drink to satisfy both; you and your staff. Simultaneously, the consistent servings save costs and provide the ultimate convenience, especially when you are on the go!

Not to mention that it creates a professional presentation layout when using them in a boardroom or conference environment. So, what are you waiting for? Check out what our Refreshment Shop has to offer…

What other things can I get from Refreshment Shop?

Our Refreshment Shop supplies all sorts of single-serve refreshments. So, whether you are in need of biscuits, coffee, ancillaries, cups or something more, Refreshment Shop has it all!

Indulge in our deliciously crumbly Walkers Shortbread biscuits or relax with a tea or coffee. Even in uncertain times, you can always count on Refreshment Shop to provide!

Check out our website online to see how you could benefit from Refreshment Shop or alternatively, email Alistair@coinadrink.co.uk for any questions you may have.

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