An insight into the premium rebrand of Café Casa that’s coming soon…

A whole new journey for the Cafe Casa brand.

Ever since coffee was first discovered centuries ago, it has grown at rapid pace to become a necessity all over the globe. Nearly 100 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every day alone, which has channelled our own coffee culture that the British cannot do without.

Coffee is more than just a hot drink. It’s a way of life. It’s something that connects us and drives us, which goes a long way to explain why it’s especially popular in the workplace. Like anything, though, coffee can be better. And you deserve the best, but not necessarily at the expense of value. Café Casa has been Coinadrink’s own brand of coffee for a few years now, but it’s about to start a completely new journey down an entirely different path.  

Soon to be available on Refreshment Shop, here is an insight into the rebrand of Café Casa.

A background to Café Casa.

Café Casa was introduced in 2011. It delivered a cost-effective way to deliver fantastic coffee that continues to be enjoyed by many. It is especially popular with coffee machines, such as tabletop equipment supplied by our main division Coinadrink Limited.

Recently, it became clear that an opportunity was there to push Café Casa into new territory. Territory that was covered by the retail and hospitality industries as well as our existing customer base. Of course, this was helped with the incredible rise of the UK coffee shop. In 2017, nearly 11 million Brits visited local coffee houses, which didn’t include the mammoth organisations such as Costa and Starbucks. British people are clearly embracing coffee culture, but not necessarily wanting to pay a high price to enjoy it.

It would be unfair to suggest we went “back to the drawing board” with the brand, though we did grace it with a significant makeover.

Same name. New identity.

A rebrand was underway. And after a year or so of tinkering, developing and enhancing, it is very nearly back with a bang.

We began with a review of the source where our coffee beans originated from. Café Casa coffee will now feature a meticulous blend of high-quality African Robusta and South American Arabica beans that emits a flavoursome combination that is bespoke to our label. The consumer will experience a smooth balanced coffee that’s strong with low bitterness, and aromatic notes of nuts and chocolate are beautifully uncovered to provide the complete coffee experience.

Café Casa will undoubtedly enhance any beverage from a short, sharp Espresso to a well-rounded Cappuccino. The best of it is that our coffee label will be made easily accessible with competitive prices. Whilst we are catering to the additional markets here, Café Casa is still a great option if you have a coffee machine in the workplace. This is important seeing as 90% of employees who regularly drink high quality coffee feel motivated to do their best at work.

The Café Casa rebrand is underway.

The complete coffee shop experience.

The Café Casa rebrand is more than just the beans, however. We have collaborated with the very best suppliers to deliver the complete coffee shop experience through Café Casa branded cutlery, cups and other supplies.

Equally ideal for your workplace to generate a professional impression for clients and visitors, this is a new avenue for Café Casa that we anticipate being a real game changer for the brand. A coffee shop environment emits a sense of class that is subtly mixed with a calming presence. Make no mistake here, the supplies and ancillaries are a key part of coffee culture that can make or break the experience.

Café Casa branded supplies raise the profile of your working environment, regardless of your industry.

Café Casa. Available soon.

We are delighted to say that the design for Café Casa has been signed off by those within the business, and we issued a little teaser yesterday on our recently invigorated social media platforms. Make sure you follow them to keep up to date moving forward.

We are really excited by where we are trying to take the Café Casa brand. For all you coffee lovers out there, we think you will be, too.

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