All the ways you can enjoy a great cup of coffee with Refreshment Shop.

All the ways to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from Refreshment Shop.

Coffee has been an important part of our life for centuries. In the modern world it has adapted to conform to all the different ways people enjoy their coffee, from sitting back to relax to consuming it on the go.

Refreshment Shop is a trusted wholesale coffee supplier that provides a huge range, from fresh coffee beans to instant sachets. Here are all the ways you can enjoy a caffeine boost with our help.

Fresh beans.

Refreshment Shop has always been very popular with the catering and hospitality industry. Our range of fresh coffee beans are ideal for automatic bean to cup coffee machines, such as the Vitro.

Our beans help deliver the perfect coffee for your customers in your café or coffee shop, though over the years and with the rise in office and home coffee machines, our beans have been the go-to product for other environments, too.

We now have our own label beans courtesy of our Café Casa brand, which combine luxury with great value. This is in addition to your favourite brands.

Have a Flavia machine? Refreshment Shop also stocks a huge variety of Flavia pouches for the Creation 500 and 600 machines.

In-cup beverages.

Want a quality cup of coffee without the drama? Our range of in-cup beverages are ideal for the workplace but can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

In-cup options has all the ingredients for the perfect coffee already in the cup, so all you need to do is add hot water. You can even order options with sugar already in.

Our in-cup products are just one part of our single-serve range, which offers a simple and hygienic experience.

Coffee bags.

Coffee bags are one of the biggest movements in recent innovation. They deliver freshly ground coffee in the convenience of a tea-like bag. They are now one of Refreshment Shop’s best sellers!

Alongside the Lyons coffee bags, which have always been popular, we now offer coffee bags through our own Café Casa brand. They are ideal for a multitude of environments, from the canteen in your workplace to the kitchen cupboard at home.

They offer a delicious cup of coffee without any hassle or mess. Just add to hot water and enjoy.

Coffee tins.

For larger workplaces, our range of instant coffee tins and jars make a lot of sense.

Our range can produce hundreds of cups at great value, so they make a lot of sense for offices and other everyday working environments. Just add to boiling water, add your sugar and milk, and you’re good to go.

Just like with the rest of our range, we offer instant coffee tins from several brands, including Café Casa!

Coffee sachets.

Looking for a different way to enjoy a sumptuous cup of instant coffee? Our range of Lyons coffee sachets are ideal, especially for those on-the-go.

New into Refreshment Shop, Lyons’s sachets come in a huge variety to cater to all tastes. The range includes everything from Cappuccino to Café Latte, from Irish Cream to Flat White. Just add to hot water and enjoy.

Give them a try!

Coffee sticks.

Another enticing single-serve coffee product is our range of coffee sticks, which are high-quality and rather enjoyable to use!

We offer all the big brands including Kenco, Nescafe and Douwe Egberts, so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality experience. Coffee sticks can be placed behind your reception desk at work or are equally at home in your bag or backpack to take on-the-go.

Just “stir” into hot water.

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