New Flavia Infusions now available on Refreshment Shop!

New Flavia Infusions have landed on Refreshment Shop!

80% of office workers say they find out more about what’s going on at work over a cup of tea than any other way. Now available on Refreshment Shop, new Flavia Infusions are set to provide a healthier way to enjoy a brew with your colleagues.


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Is Refreshment Shop the ideal solution for your business?

Could Refreshment Shop be the ideal solution for your business?

Workplace refreshments mean different things to different people. Some prefer vending, some opt for a canteen, whilst others want to take care of everything themselves.

That’s where Refreshment Shop comes in.


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Black Friday ‘refreshing’ discounts!

Black Friday deals now live on Refreshment Shop!

Not one to miss out on the fun, Refreshment Shop joins both Coinadrink and Express Refreshments in taking part in the shopping phenomenon that is of course Black Friday. Over 50% of UK shoppers still show an interest in this big event, and what we have lined up will be of particular interest if you value the importance of quality workplace refreshments.

Refreshment Shop has been refreshing, if you’d pardon the pun, workplaces for over 10 years. Mostly those in the catering and hospitality industries such as cafe’s, restaurants and hotels. With a wide range of single-serve items including premium biscuits and authentic hot drinks, Refreshment Shop can turn your business into one that visitors and customers will enjoy visiting. Time after time. 

Black Friday brings many enticing discounts to Refreshment Shop. 


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T-Sticks, the clever new way to enjoy a better cup of tea!

You know the Lyons coffee bags that we provide on Refreshment Shop? Well prepare to be amazed all over again, as London T-Sticks have also been added to our site. T-Sticks are set to revolutionise the way you enjoy a cup of tea and will provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional tea bag.


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Need a quality hot or cold beverage quickly and easily? Choose Kool Kup!

Take a look at Kool Kup on Refreshment Shop! There is a new way to get your milkshakes, frappes and smoothies faster. That’s not all, we’ve got some mouth-watering recipes for you to try and some more information on why this is a great way to make your own drinks.


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The rCUP will strongly influence the future of takeaway coffee cups!

rCUP is the revolution in takeaway coffee cups and it's now available to order on Refreshment Shop!

Coinadrink’s social media channels have been teasing the rCUP as ‘The Cup Of Tomorrow’, which is an apt description given that it is the revolution in takeaway coffee cups. Not only for the here and now, but in that it will also spark further change for the future. rCUP, created by ‘ashortwalk’ is now available to order on Refreshment Shop, with great prices and fast delivery. Why should you order one?


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