The rebrand of Cafe Casa edges ever closer in the latest exciting reveal.

Newly sourced Cafe Casa coffee beans will enhance any coffee.

Cafe Casa has been Coinadrink Limited’s own premium coffee label since 2011 and is sold through Refreshment Shop. The brand is currently undergoing an exciting rebrand that will push Cafe Casa into new territory including the retail and hospitality sectors.

Cafe Casa will become a premium brand that delivers the complete coffee experience, equipped with everything from branded cutlery to napkins. For those of you who are currently following our social media platforms, we took the first step in revealing the new look Café Casa earlier this as we revealed the packaging that will proudly house our freshly sourced coffee beans.

And here is how the new design came to fruition.


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An insight into the premium rebrand of Café Casa that’s coming soon…

A whole new journey for the Cafe Casa brand.

Ever since coffee was first discovered centuries ago, it has grown at rapid pace to become a necessity all over the globe. Nearly 100 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every day alone, which has channelled our own coffee culture that the British cannot do without.

Coffee is more than just a hot drink. It’s a way of life. It’s something that connects us and drives us, which goes a long way to explain why it’s especially popular in the workplace. Like anything, though, coffee can be better. And you deserve the best, but not necessarily at the expense of value. Café Casa has been Coinadrink’s own brand of coffee for a few years now, but it’s about to start a completely new journey down an entirely different path.  

Soon to be available on Refreshment Shop, here is an insight into the rebrand of Café Casa.


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The benefits of enjoying single-serve refreshments in the workplace.

Quality single-serve refreshments from Refreshment Shop!

Refreshment Shop is a trusted supplier of quality single serve refreshments and sundries. Single-serve refreshments are, as their name suggests, refreshments designed to be consumed by one person. They commonly include items such as tea bags, luxury biscuits and milk pots, but over time additional items have been introduced such as coffee bags and tea sticks.

Single serve refreshments are a top seller for both the workplace and the home market, but what is it that makes them so enticing? This blog post rounds up all the advantages of single-serve refreshments, from convenience to hygiene.


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Take a tea break, it’s good for you!

A tea break can boost our wellbeing and make us more productive.

It’s no secret that Great Britain loves a cup of tea. We are very much a nation of tea lovers, so much so that it is by far our beverage of choice. Over 100 million cups of tea are consumed every single day, which exceeds that of coffee by some margin. It’s easy to see why tea is so popular on Refreshment Shop!

A recent study from Brita Professional suggests that our obsession is a healthy one. Taking regular tea breaks can make us feel relaxed and boost our mental wellbeing. So however you prefer to drink your tea, you can do so with a smile on your face. 


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Refreshment Shop: More than just wholesale refreshments for your workplace and home.

Refreshment Shop supplies wholesale refreshments and a lot more besides!

Refreshment Shop is a proud division of Coinadrink Limited. Founded in 2008, we specialise in wholesale refreshments including tea, coffee, biscuits and more. We have always been a popular choice for the workplace, though we are equally suited to the home market. Refreshment Shop offers competitive prices and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.


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For the home or the workplace, choose Refreshment Shop for great value refreshments!

Refreshment Shop provides great value, wholesale refreshments for the home and workplace!

Refreshments. We indulge in them every day. Hot drinks, cold drinks, biscuits and more, from the moment we get up in the morning to the moment our head hits the pillow at night. Refreshment Shop has been delivering high-quality, great value wholesale refreshments for both the home and the workplace since 2008, and you should definitely choose us if that’s what you require.


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Easing your concerns as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take hold.

Refreshment Shop want to see your concerns in the face of COVID-19

It’s a strange, confusing and concerning time for us all. COVID-19 is like nothing the majority of us have ever experienced, so lots of people are naturally not knowing which way to turn. Refreshment Shop want to keep our customers updated on our current position, address any questions you may have, and ease your concerns.  


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Refreshed Lyons Coffee Bags now available on Refreshment Shop!

Lyons Coffee Bags are a great choice if you're regularly on-the-go!

One of your favourite coffee companies have rebranded to fit the ‘London look’. They have also introduced a new variety, too, and you can now find them online at Refreshment Shop! These are the newly refreshed Lyons Coffee Bags.


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A look into Great Britain’s deep love affair with biscuits.

Diving into Great Britain's love affair with biscuits!

Biscuits. A traditional sweet treat that us Brits can’t get enough of. A recent study found that we eat 52 biscuits every second, whilst 2017 saw the Nation consume £3 BILLION worth of them, a National record!

With such immense popularity, it’s very interesting to dive deep into some other facts, stats and trends on our love for biscuits.


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New Flavia Infusions now available on Refreshment Shop!

New Flavia Infusions have landed on Refreshment Shop!

80% of office workers say they find out more about what’s going on at work over a cup of tea than any other way. Now available on Refreshment Shop, new Flavia Infusions are set to provide a healthier way to enjoy a brew with your colleagues.


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