The benefits of single-serve refreshments for the home and workplace.

Single-serve refreshments from Refreshment Shop.

Single-serve refreshments continue to grow in popularity, owing to a change in demand from so many consumers for the home, workplace and hospitality industry.

Single-serve refreshments such as tea, coffee and biscuits enable us to stock up on our favourite products and enjoy them on-the-go. Refreshment Shop is a wholesale supplier of single-serve refreshments, so here are all the benefits.


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Why the modern workplace has seen an increase in demand for coffee bags.

Coffee bags provide a new, exciting way to experience coffee at work. Available from Refreshment Shop.

The modern workplace is seeing new trends in the way refreshments are consumed and enjoyed. With greater demand on hygiene and convenience, coffee bags are becoming more popular than ever and are some of Refreshment Shop’s best sellers.

In this article, we take a look at the expectations of the modern-day employee and how coffee bags can provide the perfect solution. In addition to Lyons coffee bags we have added our own label Café Casa coffee bags to our range, so you have even more choice.


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How offering luxury biscuits to your guests can add value to your hotel.

How offering luxury single-serve biscuits can add value to your hotel.

We are a nation of biscuit lovers, with over 6 million consumed every single day here in Britain! That equates to over 70 biscuits a second and is the most around the world. With such colossal levels of popularity, it is no wonder that offering biscuits to your catering and hospitality customers is appreciated. In fact, a recent report suggests that it can even add value to hotels. Refreshment Shop takes a look.


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The value of a breakout area or quiet location to improve workplace wellbeing.

The value of a breakout area or quiet location to improve workplace wellbeing.

Workplace wellbeing is a topic no business can escape. Now more than ever, it is important to make sure your team feel comfortable, safe, and happy in their place of work.

According to studies, breakout zones can have a positive impact on employee wellness, providing a location where staff can alleviate stress and hit the reset button for the day ahead. Refreshment Shop explores more.


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Five benefits of taking regular breaks at work.

Five benefits of taking regular breaks at work.

Contrary to popular belief, taking regular breaks in the workplace can actually aid productivity and should be encouraged by bosses. Though amid paperwork, emails, and deadlines it can be easy to work right through.

Refreshment Shop, a trusted wholesale refreshment business, explores five benefits of taking time out either alone or with colleagues over a hot drink or bite to eat.


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All the ways you can enjoy a great cup of coffee with Refreshment Shop.

All the ways to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from Refreshment Shop.

Coffee has been an important part of our life for centuries. In the modern world it has adapted to conform to all the different ways people enjoy their coffee, from sitting back to relax to consuming it on the go.

Refreshment Shop is a trusted wholesale coffee supplier that provides a huge range, from fresh coffee beans to instant sachets. Here are all the ways you can enjoy a caffeine boost with our help.


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On plastic free July, have you considered a Circular&Co reusable coffee cup?

Choose the Circular&Co reusable coffee cup this Plastic Free July.

Every year, July is earmarked as Plastic Free July. The whole month provides an opportunity to learn more about the devastating impact plastic can have on our environment and a chance to do your bit to help.

Refreshment Shop is a trusted supplier of reusable coffee cups, including from the Circular&Co brand. A reusable coffee cup, which of course isn’t limited to just your coffee, is a great way to stop plastic going into landfill.


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Why a hot drinks break should be a key part of any workplace.

Refreshment Shop can encourage a hot drinks break at work.

In a busy workplace, the stress of responsibilities and deadlines means it is easy to abandon your own wellbeing needs. Taking regular hot drinks breaks carries lots of benefits and is a great way to deliver a happy workplace.

As a CEO or leader, you should understand that free refreshments such as tea and coffee is fast becoming a necessity. 57% of people from a recent survey said they are offered free hot drinks at work, which means just under half are having their performance and wellbeing negatively affected.

Here are the benefits of providing hot drinks in the workplace and your staff taking regular hot drinks breaks.


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Welcome to Great Britain, a part of the world where biscuits are a very big deal!

Biscuits. Us Brits love them. What started as a practical snack designed to provide and conserve energy is now a much-desired treat that is at home in the UK more than anywhere else in the world.

Refreshment Shop is a trusted wholesale supplier of a wide range of delicious biscuits. We’re very popular in the hospitality and catering industry thanks to single-serve portions, though equally favourable in the office and home.


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The culture of the British tea break at work.

Explore the origins and culture of the tea break.

The tea break has been part of British culture ever since the 17th century. It’s now seen to be a vital component for a higher productivity level amongst employees, but it hasn’t always been that way.

In this article, Refreshment Shop will dissect the origins of the tea break and explore the benefits of taking time out over a brew.


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