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Black Friday comes to Refreshment Shop armed with ‘refreshing’ discounts!

Black Friday deals now live on Refreshment Shop!

Not one to miss out on the fun, Refreshment Shop joins both Coinadrink and Express Refreshments in taking part in the shopping phenomenon that is of course Black Friday. Over 50% of UK shoppers still show an interest in this big event, and what we have lined up will be of particular interest if you value the importance of quality workplace refreshments.

Refreshment Shop has been refreshing, if you’d pardon the pun, workplaces for over 10 years. Mostly those in the catering and hospitality industries such as cafe’s, restaurants and hotels. With a wide range of single-serve items including premium biscuits and authentic hot drinks, Refreshment Shop can turn your business into one that visitors and customers will enjoy visiting. Time after time. 

Black Friday brings many enticing discounts to Refreshment Shop. 

Premium hot drinks with a little extra free!

However you enjoy a cup of tea, you’ll be greeted with our leading Black Friday specials. Receive a free PG Tips storage caddy when you purchase two PG Tips catering bags with 1100 bags, or try organic tea’s with our new Pukka range. There will be more information on this healthy revolution shortly, but you can receive a free bamboo storage case that will look particularly great in your showroom or behind reception. Just purchase two cases to qualify.

Other great offers to get your teeth into.

Enjoy up to 10% off coffee beans that are ideal if you already have a coffee machine in the workplace. And if you don’t, we can put that right with a whopping 40% off the simple and stylish Flavia Creation 500 with the capsule stand. Whilst the Flavia doesn’t supply fresh bean coffee, the convenience and practicality of this slender tabletop makes it a very popular choice. Best of all you can purchase everything you need for your Flavia right on Refreshment Shop, with beverages from big brands including Alterra, Yorkshire and Galaxy. 

Last year, 95 million cups of coffee were consumed, with 25% of that figure being savoured at work. Or if tea is more your thing, buy 1100 Birchall tea bags with 20% now off. 

Refreshment Shop leads the way in innovation and we’re regularly on board with products that have the potential to shake up the industry. Lyons coffee bags deliver 100% fresh ground coffee in the convenience of a handy little bag – something that we’re already familiar with. Why not try them now they’re reduced by 22%? Premium Bronte biscuits, ideal to place on your reception to entice visitors, are also available at 9% off!

Elsewhere, we’re giving you a great opportunity to play your part in a sustainable future. rCUP is the future of the takeaway coffee cup, with a durable design that’s crafted from used paper coffee cups. It is said that over 99% of regular paper cups go straight to landfill. With rCUP, it is said that if just one in ten coffee drinkers switched to rCUP, it would save 50 million of them. rCUP carries many other benefits that an everyday coffee drinker needs, and you can grab yours now at up to 34% off. 

Shop Black Friday now!

Which bargains will catch your eye? Head to the newly revitalised website now and take a look. All orders benefit from speedy delivery, of which is free if you spend over £75. Happy shopping! 

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